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buildings, i don't think we should have paid that 3% increase.
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>> hello, we are back from a quick recess. the budget and finance committee. we completed items 1-9. and so we will be resuming the rest of the agenda. i believe that we have the
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moscini items left. and to my understanding that they are okay with us calling item 12 out of the order, is that correct? okay. mr. clerk, call item 12 please. >> item 12. >> thank you, this item is brought to us by supervisor kim. do you have opening comments to make? >> i do, because we have many members of the public that have been waiting for a long time. i want to get to the presentation. this is a discussion i brought up back in the budget cycle in june of this year. how we were to absolutely fund our essential services, whether our public schools. and given the cuts from the state and federal level. i know that many of our

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